Who we are

We are two spud monkeys trying to make a difference in the world.

Our Mission

Every human being has a unique potential to change the world. The first step to achieving this, is changing ourselves.

At Monkey motion we make it our mission to help people achieve greatness. We believe that when people create optimal health it will lead to an optimal life.

It's our mission to create outstanding humans, Through the practice of:

  • • mindset + education
  • • nutrition
  • • MMA + movement
  • • exercise

Monkey motion are here to help you create an unforgettable life

Join the journey, create the destination

Our Vision

Two Monkeys with a Vision

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the people that do” Rob Siltanen

Our dream,

Our dream is a world of growth and contribution.

This is a world where quality of life is put first, where people strive to make the lives of others better. Our vision is where human beings are invested in living their best lives and helping others do the same. A world where we are educated on the mind and how to navigate its difficulties, a world where our morality is based upon, play, experience, health and laughter. Our vision is a world that no longer lives for pure survival but rather lives for the evolution of our species and the world we live in.

We wish to change how humanity views life its self.

Our Tribe

meet our team

Kahn Sandy
G-day I’m Kahn A.K.A Spud master

I strive each day to better the person I was yesterday, leading by example I hope to inspire others to live their best life.

Since I was young my passion has been Mixed Martial Arts, like a role model it has shown me discipline, respect and the importance of a team/family. As I’ve grown, learnt and evolved with the sport, I’ve developed an obsession with the human body and mind. My obsession is now to help evolve the human body to its true potential and share with the world how epic life can be.

My current study includes:
  • • Cert 3&4 in fitness
  • • FMA level 1
  • • Level 1 Olympic lifting
  • • Ido Portal course bullet proofing the body
  • • Neurological profiling and program design with Christian Thibaudeau
  • • Clean Health nutrition level 1&2
  • • Clean Health master Coaching and programming level 1&2
  • • Emmet Lewis Open Source Movement stretch course
  • • Powerlifting level 1 course
  • • Eugene Teo level 1 Muscle Mechanics
  • • Tony Robbins unleash the Power Within Seminar

I look forward to creating this journey called life with you!

Nikki Salter
Hi I’m Nikki A.K.A Spuddess!

My purpose is to help make the world a happier place and inspire others to do the same.

My background is in various sports such as dancing, basketball, soccer, gymnastics and so on, which gave me a passion for the human body, and what its capable of. Through experience I found my passion in learning what makes a human preform at their best. A big part of this has been from a love of nutrition and learning how it can change all aspects of life. Helping people achieve their impossible and making it become possible is now my passion and drive for life. I have furthered my knowledge in amazing courses over the past few years such as:

  • • Cert 3&4
  • • Leadership camps level 1&2
  • • Clean Health Course level 1&2 master coaching and program design
  • • Clean Health nutrition level 1&2
  • • Emmet Lewis Open Source Movement Stretch Course
  • • Eugene Teo level 1 Muscle Mechanics
  • • Tony Robbins unleash the power within seminar

I Can’t wait to see what we can achieve together! xx

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Join the journey, create the destination