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"Create the ability to move in extraordinary ways and have the body of your dreams. The quality of your life depends of the quality of how you train."


“If you don’t use it, you lose it” 
Humans were built to move, if we don’t, we cultivate disease and dysfunction. For monkey motion, health is number 1, we try to make ourselves feel and perform at our absolute best. Testing, trying and experimenting with new research, we are human test dummies for health and performance. WHY? Because at the end of the day our bodies are all we really have, strip everything back, your car, your house, your clothes, everything external to you and all your left with is yourself…your bare-naked body. This is the vehicle we navigate life with. If it breaks down so do you, and nothing else will matter. The universal Principle “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” move to grow, train to get better and exercise to feel amazing.


There are a lot of ways to move your body, and we are not against any what so ever, any movement is better than none. Our approach to movement, exercise, training…whatever you want to call it, is variety. We lift weights, we stretch, mobilize, move around like monkeys, we learn complex patterns, we smash ourselves in HITT and/or cross fit style work outs, we run (or attempt to) swim and cycle. Every and anything is good, BUT as it is the meat and nuts of what we do, there is method to the madness. We understand that the human body is an extremely complex organism developed and evolved over thousands of years so having a scientific and educated approach to movement is not only smart… but necessary.


The how is simple, move like a human not a robot, don’t do too much of the same thing and always insure whatever movement venture you choose, it’s FUN and fills you with a sense of play!

"Your Desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same."


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