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Posted: July 9, 2019 by Motion

Bring more laughter and happiness into your life by the food you eat!

Is this possible? You should of asked this years ago… Many humans are caught in the trap of eating ‘comfort food’ to make themselves feel better without thinking what this is actually doing to your insides, to your mood and energy levels…but your inner gremlin says ‘I nneeeed it now!!’ 

Modern day society is bombarded with over stimulation, causing modern day humans to lose touch with how they feel, react and respond to the foods they eat. Never really understanding what makes them feel “good” or “bad” it just all becomes a blur we then instantly reach for the doctor.

Instead of treating our bodies with good nutritious foods we are treating it with various supplements and prescription medications. I believe there is another way, we live by it and we hope to help you live by it too.

Today’s society we have a HUGGGE amount of food everywhere around us in mass production and it’s all to make life easier, we go to a super market where there is already made meals for us to heat up in a tucker f##ker so, we can eat within 10 mins…or even better we can be sitting on the couch click a button on our electronic buzzing machines that tells some random to bring us food…

By the end of this article our mission is for you to realise how damaging this is to YOU and your FAMILY’S health.

Too often clients come in saying they have been feeling down so they went to the doctor searching for some guidance or answers on their health, yet they are in the doctor’s office for 5 minutes coming out with a prescription for some medication and leaving none the wiser.

Why are they not asked about exercise, about nutrition or about mindfulness practices? Instead they are given a quick fix drug that they become reliant on and don’t know how to do life without it…
as disease is growing so is medication ‘a pill for every ill’ but this is not how humans intended, we aren’t made to consume all of these artificial products…go on call me a hippy if you will, but read on I DARE you!!

If it was caught and picked it was eaten, that’s what our bodies thrived on for years….you never see photos of a caveman eating from a packet or a tub of Ben and Jerries.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO,2019) An estimated 3.9 million deaths worldwide were attributable to inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption in 2017. So cleaning up your diet and starting an exercise resume should be the first go to before any drug, it’s just living a human life, a life that was, and still is intended for a human being

Listening to it rather than blocking every message out and covering it up with another stimulus so you can get through the day!

Here are some of the best foods for happiness guaranteed to make you smile!!

I know you hear it all the time but…

Fruits and Veggies!! Vegetables and fruits are filled with vital nutrients for life, vitamins, minerals, fibre, some anti-cancer properties and immunity boosting properties. Well sourced from local farmers markets you can get these nutrients that humans need to survive…most of which people supplement when we could just consume it in our food!

Dark chocolate…that’s right! It is filllledd with antioxidants so consuming small amounts everyday has been shown to help reduce PMS symptoms (happy wife happy life) to relieve stress levels and increase circulation.

Mushrooms are the only natural plant source of Vitamin D and bonus they are high in Selenium which research has linked deficiencies in this having a direct link to depression, anxiety and fatigue.

Green tea or coffee are both high in antioxidants and studies show that when consumed on a daily bases can reduce symptoms of depression. Consuming these are also a great for social health catching up with friends, laughing as you enjoy your warm cup that fuels your soul.

When your body feels good and you look after it, you look better, and your body will look after you in return and most likely let you live longer! Quality matters when it comes to investing in your own health and getting well sourced food!

We have 1 vessel to carry us around forever so why abuse it and not look after it! like our cars that we keep clean to keep a ‘professional appearance’ our bodies are even more important

Fill your body with food that helps it flourish and your mind will follow. Take the time out of your day to think about what foods your having and consciously eat it asking yourself:

What is this doing to my body?

What’s my intention for eating it?

Foods can literally make you smile if you’re eating the right things your energy levels will increase, you’ll look better and live longer! 

So why not…‘The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather prevent and cure disease with nutrition’-Thomas Edison.

Big healthy smiles,



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