The Beast within

Posted: February 4, 2020 by Motion

THE BEAST WITH IN, how to control your own psychology.

We are what we experience

Try holding your hand on a burning stove, for a moment you can, until a force pulls you away from it, without any direct conscious thought by you. This means we are not entirely in control of our actions and or being. For instance, without a heartbeat we are dead, but you don’t think to beat your heart every time it beats, it just happens. This is all a process of the subconscious, the spirit, your energy, whatever you want to call it.
Essentially it is a mechanism evolved by all living species so that it can save energy and survive. In a sense it is its own being. We essentially feed it and tell it what to do. What we watch, think, listen to, learn, the people we are around, absolutely everything we experience is being filtered into our subconscious mind and creating the beast with in.

Disclaimer: do not put your hand on a hot stove, it will burn you!

In order to feed our subconscious, we must first become conscious. This is not as easy task,

  • ever checked your phone and then realize 20 minutes later you’ve been mindlessly scrolling.
  • or driving your car to work on the same route you always take to suddenly realize you’re not going to work; you were just headed that way deep in thought.
  • or set yourself a goal of eating healthy, then two days later find yourself eating ice-cream.

It is believed that only 5% of our cognitive function is conscious, in other words, how we react, think and function is only 5% in our direct control. Now this is not all bad, we do have some input. The 5% we do have control over is our very own filtration system, we must use this wisely in order to become great.

This is why statistically the highest paid individuals read over 60 books a year. They filter knowledge and experience from other success into their minds. The rule, “we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with” has science to it also.

Behaviors, habits and interests are all a product of our environment. If the people we spend time with are interested in drugs and drinking we are more likely to do the same, if they are into health and fitness, we are more likely to be fit and healthy. Now we cannot directly change what our friends are interested in, but we can change who our friends are. We cannot directly change what happens on the news, but we can change what news we experience. To really take control and learn how to feed the beast within we must understand that it first starts with what information we experience. The second step is to then understand the choice we have in order to influence this information.

Our solution. It all starts with who, who do you want to become. We then must answer the why.

A man with a why can bare almost any how” -Friedrich Nietzsche.

If we first answer the question of who, followed by why, it will paint the picture of what and where we need to direct our focus. Without these questions answered it will be like finding a needle in a hay stack, searching and creating only to find emptiness and delusion. With them answered the construction of your life is endless and most importantly, possible. But remember, it’s the journey not the destination, as the only destination that truly exists is the end.

Three rules to live by when building the perfect “you”

  1. Educate – learning is the first step to achievement.
  2. Guard – think for yourself, be your own personal filtration system.
  3. Passion – an endeavor without passion is one destined to fail.

Take control and construct yourself into greatness!

Big Love,
The Spuds.

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